A child’s social-emotional development to manage negative emotions, and to get along with others empathetically, is represented by Hinduism. Social and emotional skills like cooperation, self-control, and concentration are essential for children to develop to learn and master the fundamentals. In addition, we all know that children’s dharma includes trust, security, friendship, emotion, and humour. A child’s self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and capacity to recognise and accept their learning style are all aided by their social and emotional development. Our dharma is geared toward assisting people in reaching their full potential by improving their capacity for interpersonal interaction, conflict resolution, and self-assurance. Each chapter ends with discussion questions designed to promote this process. Each chapter’s activities are designed to promote active learning and facilitate comprehension. After all, Hinduism is an experiential religion whose righteous living tools can improve your life, but only if you take the time to learn about them, accept them, and put them into practice. Santushti Raj Thapar

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